A downloadable game for Windows

Hello! You have been selected to play this demo! It is a 2d platformer/bullet hell shooter inspired by Bangai-O and other games (if you're not familiar I highly suggest playing it if you like video games, which you probably do!).

In this demo, you can control with both xbox controller or keyboard, fly around, shoot in 8 directions, switch weapons, and do burst shots with those weapons. Kill enemies! That's it!

Notes about the demo:

  • It is currently one level
  • It is (best) played with a PC USB Xbox 360 controller. Keyboard controls are built in but are not currently the focus
  • The current demo only has two weapons selectable. The full game has 8 weapons and will have 8 characters
  • The current demo is built to be shown at the Boston Festival of Indie Games hence the message when you beat the level

Install instructions

Download .exe and run (it's not malware, I promise!)


Gravestuck-FigDemo1-0.exe 17 MB